Our Instructors

As CEO, I wish you a very warm welcome to Our online academic! We built this Trading community to educate those who have the interest to excel in knowledge. We are in the heart of Chicago and believe millions of students will be impacted..

About Our Instructors

For each course available in Trade Academic, there will be instructors who will teach the students via videos and other sources. The main reason for the instructors is so that the right tools and resources of the different markets can be provided for the community.

Our instructors are highly trained experts in trading who have made a significant breakthrough in the Trade Market. They will engage their students with creative yet understandable methods. Our instructors are informed and will deliver value worthy services to their students. They are committed to providing a top-notch learning experience to the students via e-learning.

Our Instructors will constantly provide materials and information on the market to keep their students informed. Charts and statistics depicting the current position or rates of the market will also be continuously made available to their students.

Trusted trade sites will be recommended to students by their instructors. Mobile trading apps, idea generation tools (tools to come up with trade ideas), and stock screeners will also be provided. Basically, all resources screened and relevant to trading will be provided for their students.