We received a bogus fee of $9. 99 back at my t phone that is mobile from zong.

We received a bogus fee of $9. 99 back at my t phone that is mobile from zong.

We never received nor asked for any ongoing solution from their website and my cellular phone provider states they could maybe not take away the cost! Just what provides! Can anybody from anywhere now set you back money simply by calling your cell phone number? Exactly what a fraud!

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In addition got a $29 fee due to this “Zong”. We NEVER enrolled in any such thing with this specific destination. Now farmers dating site Verizon will not simply take from the fees. I obtained an text that is anonymous that we DIDN’T reply to about four weeks ago. It to ask Verizon about it, it was gone when I tried to go back to. now We have fees that i did not subscribe to.

I’m Hill Ferguson, and I also operate Product and advertising at Zong, a respected mobile repayments solution for internet sites and games that are online. You can easily find out more about our solution at . Let me deal with your complaints:

@csinny – please go to our online support type and submit your data therefore we can investigate your deal. whatever occurred, we are going to repair it. you will find our kind right here:

@Evalavad – with all respect that is due your declare that Zong charged almost anything to your cellular phone bill for $29 is false. In reality, it is impossible because we don’t process deals more than $9.99 (into the US). Maybe you’re confusing Zong with another payment that is mobile or solution?

As a result to Evalavad your cellular phone bill does show fees however they are added as much as the amounts that are large. My cellular bill has these fees that we never authorized the ones that are small through. Once we seen this full months bill due to all the the fees we investigated it and discovered these costs.

Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS -01/04 $6.99 Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS -01/10 $6.99

Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS -01/14 $6.99 Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS -01/20 $6.99

4 Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS @ $6.99/Alerts -03/14 $27.96 2 Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS @ $6.99/Alerts -04/08 $13.98 2 Zong: Alerts – Zong ALERTS @ $6.99/Alerts -04/10 $13.98

Total charges that are unauthorized ZONG $83.88

Therefore yes it can mount up

ZONG is certainly not some bogus scam. It charged through your mobile phone ZONG will show up on your bill since thats who charged it if you buy something and have

03153512245 may be the number whom makes irritating phone calls. please block the quantity.

Re: Verizon Wireless Telephone Number 510-318-1707. Cust, Tajma Vaughn’s line had been disconnected due to not cost. Verizon desires $301 just in premium txt messaging with this line. Some of those fees have been in referrence to your 91010 prem texts. Cust want to stop the subcription also recieving a credit associated with the fees list formerly.

Zong is almost certainly not a fraud but their company techniques victimize minors. They enable items that you’ll ordinarily require credit cards for become charged to a mobile phone simply by replying to a text message. They feel no liability is had by them once that pin rule happens to be entered. We learned the difficult method and would highly recommend individuals avoid this service that is predatory. It might perhaps not be a scam nevertheless the social individuals related to Zong are censor.

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